Birth Injuries

The birth of a child is meant to be a joyous occasion and a special moment for the family. More often than not, labor and delivery go well and without incident. But when it doesn’t, nothing is more devastating to a parent than their child being injured at birth. In the case that the birth injury is caused by medical malpractice or directly because of a hospital employee’s action or negligence, KP Law is here to help.

Besides the pain and suffering of both the infant and family, birth injuries also cause additional medical costs. Those costs can either be short term or long term depending on the nature of the injury. Families should not be left alone to struggle to pay the bills when a birth injury caused by someone else spoils an otherwise special moment.

Signs of a birth injury seen soon after delivery may include:
– Bruises, abrasions or swelling, especially to the face, head and shoulders
– Seizures within 48 hours of delivery
– Lack of muscle tone or usage
– Single arm that is limp
– Breathing problems or difficulties

Signs that develop within months or a few years of birth:
– Excessive drooling
– Lack of muscle coordination
– Uneven gait
– Difficulty with speech

Examples of conditions, disabilities and problems considered birth injury:
– Cerebral Palsy
– Erb’s Palsy
– Brain damage
– Shoulder dystocia
– Bone fractures
– Blood vessel damage, especially in the eyes
– Facial paralysis
– Internal bleeding
– Lacerations, bruises and other superficial damages
– Swelling of the scalp
– Hemorrhaging

In order to get you closer to recovering, we are available to help you and your family gain compensation to cover medical costs and suffering. By teaming up with specialized and knowledgeable doctors, our attorneys will be able to help determine who is at fault and aggressively pursue appropriate compensation and care. We have the necessary connections to help you get the best medical and legal advice possible.