Brain Injuries

Damage and disabilities from traumatic brain injury (TBI for short) can last for a long time and sadly can even be permanent. The burdens from this not only affect the victim, but the family as well. Life can become more difficult as the victim and family together must face financial and physical stress after an accident. But there is hope. If the injury was caused by someone else’s actions or negligence, financial compensation may be available.

There are three main categories of TBI injuries:
– Any penetration or fracture of the skull
– Blunt force or impact, especially those resulting in concussions
– Closed-head injuries: whiplash, shaken baby syndrome and other cases
of sudden change of speed or direction of the head

In order to overcome disabilities from these kinds of injuries, victims may need different types of rehabilitation including speech, physical or even occupational therapy. Rehabilitation and proper treatment can produce high levels of healing, however, typically whatever progress is made within the first two years of recovery is as far as that person will get. All of this may be very costly, which is unfair for a victim or their family to have to pay by themselves. Therefore, realistic estimates of cost—short-term, long-term and lifetime—need to be made during evaluation in order to accurately plan trial cases, especially if the injured person’s ability to work has suffered. That way, compensation can cover everything you need it to, even years in the future so you can focus on healing instead of stressing over money.

If a case evaluation determines that another person or party was at fault because of deliberate actions or negligence, then a TBI victim may take them to court to cover a range of expenses. The understanding and thorough attorneys at KP Law will work alongside specialized doctors to make sure that a TBI victim’s injuries and expenses are accurately represented. It is important that a victim is taken care of with timeliness, knowledge and aggressiveness—all of which the lawyers at KP Law promise to put to work while handling a TBI case.