Pharmaceutical Liability

The FDA approves all drugs that are sold over the counter and prescribed by doctors to you. However, that does not always guarantee safety. When a medicine you take ends up hurting you or a loved one more than it helps, it may be hard to fix that broken trust.

To find all possible side effects, pharmaceutical companies are required to test the safety of new drugs. When they fail to find a danger before selling the medicine or do not take the right steps to warn users of known problems, they should be held responsible for the damages suffered by the consumer. This kind of mistake is called negligence, and they can legally be held responsible for complications that result from it.

This means that if you or a family member had medical problems because of a drug company’s negligence, you may be able to claim compensation to cover financial losses, an important step in regaining trust in the medical field. If you or a family member has been hurt as the result of an over-the-counter or prescribed drug, KP Law will provide free consultation to look over your case and ask the right questions. If you need an experienced lawyer on your side to protect your rights and fight against those responsible for your suffering, call KP Law.