Railroad Injuries

Injuries sustained in the course and scope of a Railroad worker’s employment is governed by the F.E.L.A. (Federal Employer’s Liability Act. FELA is the body of law that dictates what rights and benefits a Railroad Worker is entitled to when they are injured on the job. F.E.L.A. is based on principles of fault. This means that the injured railroad worker will have to show that the Railroad did, or failed to do, something which is negligent on their part. This is an issue that an experience law firm like ours will be able to handle, so you can focus on the important part of getting better.

There are three requirements to have a valid FELA claim. First, the worker must have been injured in the course and scope of their employment with the Railroad. Second, the Railroad must be engaged in interstate commerce. That means it must travel between two or more states. Finally, the Railroad must have committed some sort of “negligence” that had been factor in the worker sustaining their injuries.

All injuries one receives while working for the Railroad are recoverable. These include fractured bones, pulled muscles, spinal injuries, brain injuries, etc. Also, Repetitive injuries, aggravation of pre-existing conditions, and occupational diseases are also covered. Some of the damages that can be compensated for are: past and future pain and mental suffering, past and future disability, past and future medical and hospital expenses, and past and future lost earnings. The thing to remember is that evidence must be shown to establish these damages. This evidence must be prepared by medical and economic experts.

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