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Are you looking for a real estate lawyer in Duval County or the surrounding Florida area? Our legal team includes highly skilled real estate attorneys with substantial experience handling complex areas of the law. We seek to establish partition actions to either divide up the property or sell the property and distribute the proceeds.Real estate lawyers near me have an understanding of real estate law that takes decades of experience to achieve and is something that very few other firms in here in Jacksonville can offer. If you need advocacy for your commercial real estate needs, KP Law, represents businesses, developers, buyers, and sellers. We offer skilled advocacy and legal counsel to buyers, sellers, landlords, and tenants in residential and commercial real estate law.

Real Estate Attorney in Jacksonville Legal Services

Real estate law is a broad category, and the nature of disputes that fall under that category can involve but are not limited to:

  • Property damages
  • Claims to a title
  • Transaction and purchase disagreements
  • Failure to perform fiduciary duties
  • Real estate investment disputes
  • Disputes over boundaries and property lines
  • Breach of contracts, such as between a tenant and a landlord

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Our firm’s real estate lawyers near me have extensive experience handling commercial and residential real estate disputes over partition actions, property line disputes, zoning disputes, condominium litigation, property lease disputes, and tax sale litigation. Buying property can be a very complex process that involves statutory and regulatory requirements and guidelines throughout the buying procedure. Our lawyers can help you contact an appraiser and submit a real estate assessment appeal. Our team of highly experienced real estate lawyers in Jacksonville can take you step by step through the process, and help you understand your legal rights and options. Our attorneys possess decades of combined transactional and litigation experience and combine this experience with a client-focused approach that emphasizes frequent interaction. Get in touch with us today and discover what our team of personal and professional lawyers can do for you. These claims can come from an equally diverse range of claimants, including residential or commercial tenants and landlords, investors, brokers, and businesses. Instead, we will tailor our approach based on your particular situation. Many people do not realize that even the smallest mistakes can quickly escalate into costly courtroom expenses and potentially place your real estate efforts, assets, and well-being at risk. However, you need not worry with our experienced real estate attorneys. There are many different aspects that may need to be discussed during the buying process, such as property lines, use of the land or “land use,” easements and home improvement issues.

What Does a Real Estate Lawyer in Florida Do For the Seller?

They have the hands-on experience and legal knowledge in the field of property law to manage successful business deals, tax appeals and prevent disagreements. An attorney can help you with the case in a rational manner that will lessen the likelihood of overlooked evidence. When you select our law firm, you will work directly with an experienced real estate lawyers who will take the time to understand your current and long-term real estate plans. The attorneys at KP Law know how often property buyers feel apprehensive throughout the purchase process due to lack of understanding. There are plenty of things that can go wrong throughout real estate transactions such as financing falling through, or nondisclosure of problems found in the home. KP Law offers a wide range of services to residential and commercial real estate clients in Jacksonville and Florida. We also have experience in all issues relevant to commercial real estate finance. Whether the dispute involves commercial or residential property, the following details how a real estate lawyer in Florida can help you get what you are rightfully owed.

Serviced Areas:

So what should you do when faced with a legal matter concerning your real property? Real estate law is a very broad field that requires expertise in areas such as easement disputes, foreclosures, injuries, property taxes, neighbor disputes, HOA disputes, deeds, warranties, insurance issues, and much more. We’ll help you avoid or mitigate disputes and make the acquisition or selling experience as efficient a process as possible for the circumstances. Our focus helps us develop effective legal strategies by striving to meet your best interests. However, it is not always as easy as signing on the dotted line. We differentiate ourselves from full-service law firms that practice in a wide range of legal areas. We handle all aspects of commercial real estate including development and land use, environmental issues, construction defects claims, construction litigation, purchase or sale contracts, commercial leases, financing and breach of contract litigation.

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