Workers’ Compensation

One of the areas of law that KP Law practices is workers’ compensation. When you have suffered a work accident, it’s important to us that you receive the medical and wage loss benefits to which you are entitled to. From filing a claim, to working through the process of applying for benefits, to fighting on your behalf on appeals hearings, to interceding with doctors and insurance companies to ensure proper medical treatment, customary and ordinary medical bills, and vocational rehabilitation training, to getting life-time benefits. We do it all for you. We also go beyond strict legal assistance to help you get your life back. We take great pride in that we have zealously protected our clients’ rights and benefits and have maximized their settlements.

By state law, your employer is responsible for paying when you are injured. There are three major benefits one is entitled to when one gets hurt.

Medical care benefits

You should receive all medical treatment necessary for you to make a full recovery or reach Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI). This also includes all appropriate physical, mental, or vocational rehabilitation.

Temporary total disability benefits

Everyone is entitled to receive weekly payments, if they lose time from work, until they are able to return to work that is within their capabilities. The amount of the payment is two-thirds (66 2/3%) of your average weekly earnings, from all jobs that one has when they were injured, subject to certain limits.

Permanent disability, disfigurement and death benefits

One is sometimes entitled to additional benefits when they have sustained an injury or disease which results in permanent disability, scarring or other disfigurement. If the injury or disease results in death, certain members of that worker’s family may be entitled to benefits.